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Google Play Store for BLACKBERRY – Installing a fully functional version of the original Google Play Store on a BlackBerry device was seemed to be impossible for a really long time. But now, with evolving technology, you can download Play Store for BLACKBERRY very easily.


Install Google Play Store for BLACKBERRY

Please follow the steps suggested below to Install Google Play Store for BLACKBERRY:

1- Enable Allow Apps from Other Sources.

Go to Settings- App Manager – Installing Apps – Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed. This options easily enables you to download Apps from other downloading sources. Now, you can download the Google Play store for BLACKBERRY by installing

2- Install Google Play Services

Download the Google Play Services – APK file. Open the APK.file and press install.

3- Install Google Account Manager

Download the Google Account Manager – APK file. Open the APK.file and press install.

4- Sign in to Google Account

To proceed further, open Google Account Manager and sign in to your existing account or create a brand new Google account.

5- Install BlackBerry Google ID

Download your Blackberry Google ID – APK file. Open the APK.file and press install.

6- Register Device

Sign in to your Google ID on your Blackberry and press register this device

7- Install Google Play Store

Download Play Store – APK file, open it, and press Install to get Play Store for BLACKBERRY.

Google Play Store is now installed on your BlackBerry and is ready for use. Download and update your apps directly from the Play Store to your BlackBerry. There are some apps that are not compatible with the BlackBerry and will not run.


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Features of Google Play Store for BLACKBERRY

Google Play Store is an all in one application that provides us with an enormous amount of app collection which we may require in our daily lives. Play store download for BLACKBERRY has an interface that is highly equipped with the apps based on the categories. You can get your favorite app from the list anytime you wish.

Some of the best features of Google Play Store for BLACKBERRY are as follows:

    1. Blackberry Hub notifications about the new app update
    2. Download apps after going through the ratings and comments
    3. Multi-language support
    4. Browse and download your favorite apps, games, movies, music and e-books
    5. Automatic download and installation of game data. You won’t require manual copying
    6. View, edit and clear the app downloading history
    7. Add apps to wish list and download them later
    8. Supports your preferred payment method: Credit card, prepaid card or PayPal 9. Supports in-app purchasing: Buy gems, upgrades or unlocks for your app
    9. It also supports paid subscriptions
    10. If supported by the developer you can even get a refund for paid apps.


Blackberry Play Store Apps Download Free



There were some comments regarding the Play Store for BLACKBERRY that got into the highlight recently. Users were constantly complaining about a problem which involved, an issue of them experiencing troubles with the Play Store crashing. According to the reports, it said that they received a message, “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”.

Although you should know that the crash occurs when downloading or updating an app through the Play Store. To resolve the issue you simply need to uninstall the existing Play Store and install the new version of the Play Store for BLACKBERRY.


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