How to do Google Play Store Update?

How to do Google Play Store Update Cover

How to do Google Play Store Update?


The Google Play Store update has come a long way since it’s inception. And it keeps getting new features now and then. However, Android doesn’t push any Google play store updates as it does for all the other apps on it. On the contrary, most of the Google play store updates happen automatically behind the scenes. And they roll out to the user in an incremental fashion. For instance, the recent Google play store update has already started appearing on pixel devices for some users. But there’s still no sign of it’s on other phones we have in the office now. There are chances that this might happen to you as well, or you might not get an update at all. So how do you force an update for the play sold well? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. So there are a couple of simple ways you can force the play store to update.


Method 1: Google Play Store Update

The very first that you can do is open up the play store on your phone. And then tap on the menu button in the top left corner. And select the settings option in the settings menu. Scroll down and look for the place old version. Just tap on it, and if there is any available Google play store update, it should start automatically. In case there is no update, you will receive a pop-up saying, hey google play store is up to date pretty straightforward right. But there are instances when you can get the pop up stating that the play store is up to date. But in reality, it is not so for that.


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Method 2: Google Play Store Update

Let’s move on to the second method, which involves clearing the play store data to force and updates. And to do so, head over to the device settings either from the notification panel or by tapping on the settings icon here. Select the apps notifications option and then locate the google play store within the app menu. Open up the app ingo, tap on storage, and hit the clear storage button. Once the storage is cleared, restart your device and wait for a couple of minutes for the play store to update automatically. You should now have the latest version of the play store installed on your phone. In case you face any other issue with the place or you should try clearing the Google Play Services cache and data from the all app menu now.


Method 3: Google Play Store Update

If none of the previous methods work, you will need to manually install the latest version of the play store by sideloading it on your phone. For that, you will need to download the apk file of the play store from an external source. But it will not be a direct beginning. However, you can just land on that page and select the latest play store. If we can, that is compatible with our phone now, once you have downloaded the application, tap on it to trigger the installation process. You should now have the latest version of the play store on your phone, and it’s that simple.



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So friends that sum it for this article. Try all these three methods of Google play store update if you are facing any issues in updating the play store on your phone. Just take a note that if you are trying to get the latest features, you will need to take the apk route that is the third one. The other two methods will only update the play sort of the version that has already been out for your device is compatible with it and be consistent! Mean google has waved its a flag for your device.


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